How can I Delete Facebook account Permanently ?

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Various users; who are fed of security loopholes in FB, look to delete Facebook account. But many of them are not aware regarding " how to delete Facebook account". They are just confined to deactivate their Facebook account on a temporary basis. But it's not the exact method to delete your Fb account permanently to secure private details as anyone; who knows your FB details, can access the account once. The reason behind it is that the technical team has not revealed the direct way to delete the Facebook account to prevent any malicious attempts by the hackers; who can delete anyone's account by following a specific path.

Not to worry, we are on the verge to disclose necessary steps of deleting a Facebook account permanently:

  • Open Facebook login page by typing the specific url in the address bar of the web browser.
  • Once login page is displayed, enter the authentic credentials to access the FB account
  • Upon successful login of Facebook account, navigate your mouse to the gear icon seen in the top right corner of the screen.
  • Click on the same to look for the options that will get displayed underneath it.
  • Now click on the settings options and wait for a page to get displayed
  • Once you are redirected to General settings, click on the link "Download A Copy of your Facebook data".
  • As it is clicked, the button appears on the screen "Start the Archive"
  • Press the button and wait for the copy of Facebook data to get downloaded successfully to your device.
  • Once it is done, open a new tab on the same web browser and type the url
  • A box with a text will appear on the screen. On the bottom of that,there is a button "delete my account"
  • Press the same after reading the details carefully.
  • As you press the same, a rectangle box appears which asks for the password to authenticate that you are a valid user. Provide the correct password in the required space and fill up the code seen in the Captcha box.
  • Click on OK button to confirm the deletion of the account.

The deletion of Facebook account is not that complex, which users have created a myth in their mind. All you need to do is to follow the steps correctly and the things will go your way. In case, you are not sure that the steps will be properly implemented, then it is recommended to have a word with experts, dialing Facebook support phone number +1-844-773-9312 of is it is the answer to the question that everyone search on the web " How to contact Facebook support"

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