Making a decision to block someone from Facebook, bring perception in the mind that you might be fed up with the person making constant messaging, video and image upload, poking ,commenting on images and videos uploaded in Gallery, making unnecessary conversation with the people in your contact list, sending the friend request to your known ones added in the contacts list, sending the friend's suggestion for someone unknown to you with much more things to follow. Blocking the specific person from your friend's list, is really a tough decision as the person is your close relative/friend or the friend of your best friend. But, it has to be done for maintaining the privacy of your account.

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Blocking an unknown person sending unwanted messages or friend requests on Facebook is quite necessary.He/she might have the intention to steal the important data to conduct malicious activities on your name. Taking an instant action is the need of the hour, but this is totally a different thing altogether from the previous reason mentioned above.In both the cases, you should be quite careful while blocking them from access to your account.

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Here are the steps implementing which you can block someone easily to prevent their access to your FB account for privacy concerns:

  • Access Facebook account by entering correct login credentials
  • As successfully access the Facebook account, you are redirected to the news feed page
  • If you remember or know the person that needs to be blocked, then click on your name icon with an image next to the home button.
  • Doing this, you will get redirected to your timeline page where the Friends option is visible with numbers displayed alongside.
  • Click on the friend's option and wait for the new screen to get displayed.
  • Once the friend's list is displayed, type your friend's name in the search box and press the magnifier icon which is a symbol to find the person, whose name is typed in the box.
  • Once the specific person is listed, click on the name to get the FB profile displayed on your screen.
  • As the profile page gets displayed, take your mouse to the bottom right corner of the cover photo at the icon … and click on the same.
  • Once the icon is clicked, you will find the block option at the bottom.
  • Clicking on the same will open a rectangular box with some text. Read the text content properly before clicking the confirm button.
  • Upon clicking the confirm button, a person will not be able to access your FB profile ever in his life with the same FB account that he used to make certain activities such as liking videos and images, sending friends request, write annoying text messages to FB wall with much more to follow.

In case, you are not able to implement the procedure to block others on Facebook and maintain your privacy, then giving a call at the Facebook customer service toll free number USA : +1-844-773-9312 is the only option left that can help you block some one known or unknown on FB.